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A heritage of heating...

Kensal has been providing a comforting glow to homes throughout Britain and Ireland for many decades. Today, that tradition continues with the company's latest range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves. As you would expect from such a heritage, these stoves are robust, practical and efficient, with a construction that combines the very best attributes of iron and steel. The heavy gauge steel firebox is complemented by airtight cast iron doors and durable cast iron fittings and, in the case of multi-fuel models, a rotating grate that can be riddled from outside the stove to improve combustion.

Wood Pile

The stoves also, quite naturally, incorporate a powerful Airwash system and the latest Cleanburn technology. Airwash makes a stream of air flush down the inside of the window thus helping to keep it as clean as possible for a better view of the fire, whilst Cleanburn is a specially designed feature to create a cleaner combustion and more efficient heat output from your fuel - saving you both time and money.*

*Boiler Stoves, due to their nature, do not incorporate Cleanburn technology.


Kensal warranty...

Your Kensal retailer will provide you with a Two Year Warranty for your new Kensal stove alongside a Five Year Casting Warranty...more info.

Environmentally-friendly Warmth

Environmentally-friendly warmth...

Every Kensal stove has been meticulously developed to burn wood or smokeless fuels with equal proficiency...more info.

Boiler stoves for complete home heating...

The latest addition to the range is the Kensal 60HB with integral highoutput boiler. With greater capacity than the 40HB, the new 60HB boasts an impressive heat output of 13kW (45,000BTU), it can not only emit a very comfortable warmth to the room in which it is fitted, but additionally can supply up to 15 radiators as well as providing ample supplies of domestic hot water. You can even 'Link Up' your Kensal Boiler Stove to work with conventional oil or gas central heating, sealed heating systems, combi boilers, under floor heating and even solar panels. A useful 'link up' guide can be obtained from your Kensal retailer.

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Boiler Stoves
Kensal stoves are available in the UK & Republic of Ireland. Kensal is part of the Stovax Group. From traditional models to state-of-the-art designs, Stovax is committed to creating the ultimate fires & stoves. Find out more.
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